2107, 2017

Learning and development lessons – The Inverted Classroom

When I was at school, the teacher typically gave the lesson from the front of the classroom, which was at best a guided discussion through the curriculum she had to get through for that lesson, [...]

1807, 2017

How incumbent businesses can disrupt the disruptors

Businesses and organisations are being transformed and disrupted faster than ever, largely driven by the direct and indirect impacts of accelerating technological change. And for some key disruptive technologies such as AI, advanced data analytics [...]

807, 2017

“Agile is just too simple”

“We get it, but it’s just too simple.”   That's a comment we sometimes hear when working with senior leaders when we suggest using agile principles to create enduring behavioural, performance or cultural change. The [...]

806, 2017

Being agile without knowing it – lessons from a yacht race

As some of you know, I spent my twenties as a professional yachtsman and was lucky enough to race a couple of times around the world.  The highlight of that period was skippering Toshiba to [...]

2403, 2017

Why we need “who knows?” thinking as leaders

In the command and control industrial past, management power (that is the ability to change things and get stuff done) came simply from position - if you were the boss, people just did what you [...]

2403, 2017

Using ‘Agile’ methodologies for behaviour and culture change in organisations

I'm a big fan of Agile ways of creating and changing things. When the world is changing so fast and in such unpredictable ways, making and sticking to long implementation plans is increasingly fraught with [...]