Change Consultant

Through his future of work consulting, Simon helps clients initiate and maintain cultural and structural change to become more future focused, competitive and sustainable organisations.

Simon will ask the right questions and help you find out why and what you need to change. Then he’ll help you devise a plan to make the change happen in a way that takes your people and other stakeholders with you.

He helps client organisations challenge assumptions about how they work, lead and organise themselves. Working with their own teams, he helps define direction and communicate with stakeholders.

Importantly, he works with the team to experiment and test new ideas, iteratively working out what’s right for them.

Finally he helps implement changes that build adaptive, engaging leaders and competitive, sustainable organisations.

Simon can help your organisation to:

Develop better leaders

Develop your leaders so they thrive in complexity and change, and get the best out of people with changing expectations.

Manage talent better

Understand trends in attitudes to careers and the impact this has on your talent planning.

Attract and engage

How attractive is your organisation to the talent you need? Is your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) what is should be?

Update learning

Understand how learning is changing and how to tweak your learning and development.

Know your business

Through research, experimentation and testing know what’s right for YOUR organisation in the new world of work.

Shape the organisation

Recommendations on future organisational design, behaviours and values.

Adapt policy & processes

Intelligent review of people policies and procedures so they are fit for the future.

Nurture agile teams

How to foster agile, cross-generational teamwork which grasps the opportunities of a changing world.

“I have used Simon’s skills and knowledge many times over the years and just recently he has really helped us at Anglian Water to get to grips with the Gen Y agenda. He comes highly recommended.”

Phil Brown – Head of Performance & Development, Anglian Water Group

“You cleverly constructed a robust framework around apparently intangible things like the culture and lifestyle of a generation, revealing paradoxes and subtleties. Thanks for putting this issue on our radar so effectively.”

Richard Emanuel, Chief Operating Officer – Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP

Can Simon and his team help your organisation shape and embed culture change?

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