1804, 2018

Artificial Intelligence in a Big Four Accounting firm

There is an understanding in the tech world that anything repeatable, however complex and sophisticated, is ripe for the application of Artificial Intelligence. The auditing of accounts is most definitely repeatable! Traditionally this has been [...]

1402, 2018

What’s wrong with values

I’m sure like me you've seen many corporate values statements in offices - on posters, mugs and mouse-mats.  I’ve even seen them printed on love-heart style sweets! They are often very similar - you know [...]

102, 2018

Why we should shift from learning to development

“It is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent that survives, but one that is most adaptable to change.” With rapidly accelerating rates of change, this observation from Darwin has never been more apt when [...]

401, 2018

Why we should aim to fail (sometimes)

I was having coffee recently with a friend who was once on the Board of the Asset Recovery Agency, now part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Their job was to freeze and seize the [...]

610, 2017

Why today’s complex challenges need an agile leadership approach

It's always been the case that some problems are simple, some are more complicated and some are super complex. Now, in a world of accelerating change, more and more problems facing leaders are in the [...]

1609, 2017

Agile lawmaking experimentation in Finland

I sometimes hear statements such as “Agile experimentation is fine for tiny start ups, but it's hard to make it work within larger organisations that need to integrate with existing processes and ways of doing [...]