2403, 2017

Why we need “who knows?” thinking as leaders

In the command and control industrial past, management power (that is the ability to change things and get stuff done) came simply from position - if you were the boss, people just did what you [...]

2403, 2017

Using ‘Agile’ methodologies for behaviour and culture change in organisations

I'm a big fan of Agile ways of creating and changing things. When the world is changing so fast and in such unpredictable ways, making and sticking to long implementation plans is increasingly fraught with [...]

302, 2017

AI and Machine Learning – what should HR be doing?

There’s lots of hype about it, but there is no doubt that the application of AI, machine learning and autonomous systems is everywhere and growing fast. It’s already having some impact in the workplace, for [...]

2601, 2017

Employees as customers – focus on the whole employee experience

For many roles, there really is a global war for talent, particularly in the skills driving disruption and transformation - ask anyone hiring software developers and data analysts. So in this highly competitive environment, how [...]

1111, 2016

Want your people to be self-motivated in their work? Think more like a video games designer

A few years ago when I was working with a particular group of senior leaders, one of them shared his thoughts on how tough he felt it was to motivate his younger staff.  He felt [...]

2510, 2016

Why curiosity is an essential leadership skill we should all nurture

Surrounded by ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty, there is one attribute which everyone, particularly leaders, needs to foster if they are to thrive - or even just survive.   Curiosity. I’m curious.  Why curiosity? When the [...]