408, 2016

“Isn’t this future of work stuff just for funky start-ups?”

“Isn’t this future of work and leadership thinking just for techy, West Coast start-ups?  Isn’t it really hard to apply this thinking to real businesses like ours?” These are common questions I hear from groups [...]

2907, 2016

I dare you not to smile – Technology enabling real-world magic

I challenge anyone to watch the video below and not feel good. The infectious humanity just makes you smile, regardless of your musical taste.   Whenever I need a shot of ‘feel good’, I watch it. [...]

1205, 2016

Leading change – first lead yourself

What is the first thing to consider when leading and managing people through the rapidly-changing business and working environment?  Keeping up with the changes? Inspiring confidence in your people ? Listening to their concerns? All [...]

404, 2016

Leading flexibility – top tips to support leaders

A key aspect of the future of work is the increased expectation of far more flexibility; flexibility in when we work, flexibility in where we work and flexibility in how we achieve what is required. [...]

802, 2016

Beware of the HiPPO! The Highest Paid Person’s Opinion

In the past, those at the top often had the best information, and hopefully the skills and experience to make smart decisions.  Seniority counted and the boss was accustomed to having his (it was usually [...]

212, 2015

Why should anyone take notice of this ‘future of work’ stuff?

A common question I get asked by business leaders is why they should invest time, effort and money in understanding and adapting to the so called ‘future of work’. My glib answer is that to [...]