308, 2015

Do you lead conscripts or volunteers?

In my last post, we looked at how technology and the ‘gig’ economy has created a shift for employees from needing-to-work for an organisation to wanting-to-work there. In effect this is the shift from ‘conscript’ [...]

2907, 2015

Talent’s got options – moving from “need to work” to “want to work” thinking

Throughout the 20th century (and indeed before then), organisations have been built on the assumption that their workers needed to work for them.  For the vast majority, all of whom had rent and bills to [...]

807, 2015

Gen Z Kids don’t use phones (to talk)

Kids get mobile phones earlier and earlier these days – I remember my daughter, when she was around 10,  being somewhat disappointed when clearly fishing to get her first phone, asked me what age I [...]

607, 2015

The value of social media in the workplace: the power of weak links

I was at dinner with a senior director in the property investments business recently. We were talking about what made his organisation ‘valuable’. Being in investment, of course we first talked about financial capital ie [...]

107, 2015

Gen Z “Swipe-before-you-can-write generation”- what are the implications?

I recently watched a toddler in a TV shop try to the swipe the on-screen graphics on the rolling news being played.   He got really frustrated, not understanding why ALL screens are not touch screens [...]

2906, 2015

Our preference (or bias) on display – a leadership lesson from the newsstand

Have you ever thought about the irony of rows of ‘How-to-use your-iPad’ type magazines that grace every newsstand? How come there is a market for £10 (paper) magazine guides for using the £500 (tablet) touch [...]