2206, 2015

The network is King – what this means for HR

For years, smart companies tried to treat the customer as king. Smarter ones, including many in Richard Branson’s Virgin group, realised that to do this, first you needed to treat the employees as king – [...]

1806, 2015

The way Gen Y and Z approach simple projects in a connected world

How do you plan a trip to the movies with a friend?  As someone in my 40s, I’d probably call my friend, with the conversation going something like this: “The film starts at eight at the [...]

605, 2015

10 things senior team members should keep in mind

Senior teams, whether they be operating boards, executive committees or senior management teams, need to work at how they work together to produce the outcome they are paid to deliver. High performing top teams look [...]

605, 2015

10 signs that your senior team could work better together

Senior teams need to work together to deliver results – to make decisions, set direction and drive the business forwards. But as with all teams, sometimes the ‘working together’ bit does not quite click and [...]

703, 2015

Why hire a top team facilitator?

Top teams comprise leaders at the top of their game. Surely such competent operators can make sure they themselves function optimally as a senior board?  What benefits could hiring an expert facilitator bring? The outcomes [...]