Top Team Facilitator - Simon WalkerTop teams comprise leaders at the top of their game. Surely such competent operators can make sure they themselves function optimally as a senior board?  What benefits could hiring an expert facilitator bring?

The outcomes my clients value most include:

Clarified direction and priorities  No more guesswork, assumptions, partial information and misunderstandings.

No more “elephants in the room” We get the tough topics out in the open and constructively explore and discuss them.  The resultant openness helps ensure nothing important is left unaddressed – both now and in the future.

They can speak with one voice   I help them to learn how to achieve genuine buy-in so that communication to the rest of the organisation is consistent.

Trust and understanding between team members   They value the openness that comes with deeper trust and understanding – and understand how to foster and maintain it.

Smarter ways of working   They know how to work out what works for them.

Strategic and tactical balance   Effective senior teams lead more and manage less – another step on the road to high performance.

They make better decisions   Consistently sharing information, linking ideas and exploring options are essential behaviours.

Performance mindset   They become a continually-improving senior team that invests in itself, which continually pays dividends.

As a top team facilitator I help senior teams see the wood from the trees and identify what they already do well and what they need to change.  Teams are complex but as an independent observer I can cut through the complexity and clarify what team members can do as individuals and as an entity to make it all work more harmoniously and productively.

If you’d like to develop your top team so they deliver amazing results and enjoy what they do, then call Simon on 020 3488 0464 or email