What’s wrong with values

By |February 14th, 2018|HR, Leadership|

I’m sure like me you've seen many corporate values statements in offices - on posters, mugs and mouse-mats.  I’ve even seen them printed on love-heart [...]

Why we should shift from learning to development

By |February 1st, 2018|HR, Leadership, Learning|

“It is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent that survives, but one that is most adaptable to change.” With rapidly accelerating rates of change, [...]

Learning and development lessons – The Inverted Classroom

By |July 21st, 2017|Future of Work, Generational Diversity, HR|

When I was at school, the teacher typically gave the lesson from the front of the classroom, which was at best a guided discussion through [...]

AI and Machine Learning – what should HR be doing?

By |February 3rd, 2017|Future of Work, HR|

There’s lots of hype about it, but there is no doubt that the application of AI, machine learning and autonomous systems is everywhere and growing [...]

Employees as customers – focus on the whole employee experience

By |January 26th, 2017|Future of Work, HR, Leadership|

For many roles, there really is a global war for talent, particularly in the skills driving disruption and transformation - ask anyone hiring software developers [...]

Why HR should be at the heart of big data – CIPD showcase session

By |October 28th, 2015|HR|

I recently asked a number of HR Directors and professionals what Big Data meant to them and how much value they derive from gathering and [...]

The network is King – what this means for HR

By |June 22nd, 2015|Future of Work, HR, Leadership|

For years, smart companies tried to treat the customer as king. Smarter ones, including many in Richard Branson’s Virgin group, realised that to do this, [...]