2810, 2015

Why HR should be at the heart of big data – CIPD showcase session

I recently asked a number of HR Directors and professionals what Big Data meant to them and how much value they derive from gathering and analysing Big Data. I was surprised by the initial response.  [...]

610, 2015

How the consumer web is shaping expectations of work

Of all the factors influencing our changing expectations of work, probably the biggest influences are the behaviours and habits we develop  in our daily online lives when we interact with the so-called ‘consumer’ web.  We all spend [...]

2409, 2015

How our communications preferences differ by generation

  Not surprisingly, workplace communications preferences vary considerably across generations.  This is largely a result of what communication method each generation has grown up with and got used to, but there are some interesting surprises. [...]

2209, 2015

6 pitfalls and things to avoid for future of work leaders

People love lists.  During masterclasses with managers and leaders, I often get asked for a list of obvious pitfalls and things to avoid when leading in the future of work. There are plenty of areas [...]

909, 2015

Why flexibility in time, location and process is a top future of work expectation

The most often talked about shift in the changing expectation of the future of work is the desire for more flexibility - in time, location and in how work is done. In our life outside [...]

409, 2015

Leading people doing jobs designed for robots

People worry that robots are taking the jobs of people. But more worrying is that too many people are still doing jobs better-designed for machines, and often our organisations and leadership is set up to [...]