All organisations are being disrupted and transformed by rapid technological, social and demographic change. Simon is an expert in how to lead people through this change, offering insights into changing work patterns, opportunities and expectations, and the leadership behaviours needed to engage, attract and keep the talent needed to thrive and survive.

How Simon can help

Future of work consulting

Need to attract, engage and retain new talent? Need to adapt your culture to embrace diverse talent groups, particularly those not traditionally attracted to your industry? Simon has helped countless organisations initiate and maintain cultural change.

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Practical leadership masterclasses

Simon delivers masterclasses and workshops for leaders and managers. He enables people to get the very best from those they lead through the understanding of changing expectations, behaviours and ways of working.

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Inspiring speaker

Simon inspires and informs audiences about the future of work and leadership. Whether it’s a lunch & learn or an annual conference keynote, he shares insights and ideas that make people think and act differently.

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Leadership and team mentor

Simon mentors senior leaders and their teams, boosting performance, innovation and confidence. He enables senior teams to work better together so they deliver outstanding results.

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Thanks so much for presenting at Citi Simon – the feedback received was excellent. Some of the comments included “Really useful when thinking of the future generation and how to engage and recruit”, “An eye opener!” and “I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Emma Cashmore – Citi

Informative and enjoyable event combining wit, fact and experience of life. It was valuable session for generations of staff. This is one of the best presentations I have attended, the message was very clear and well delivered.

Barclays Retail and Business Banking

Simon provided our team with thought provoking insights which helped us to gain a greater perspective and understanding of the changing world of work. These insights have since provoked a deeper level of discussion between us around the external factors impacting the decisions we make as a management team.

Angela McKenna – Senior Director OD EMEA at CA Technologies

Simon spoke at our recent European HR Conference about the future of work and leadership. It was a great session and provided a challenging overview of the changes that will affect our businesses and their HR strategies.

Stephen Pierce – Chief Human Resources Officer at Hitachi Europe

I have worked with Simon on numerous occasions. We ran a sophisticated Leadership Program and Simon was a regular contributor, running a very good, thought provoking session on the views/expectations of those individuals just coming into the work environment – and how best to communicate/align with them. Simon’s segment of the program was always well received – very positive feedback. He always delivered.

Joe McCollum
Group HRD, Daily Mail General Trust

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