I’m a top team facilitator, consultant and leadership speaker with particular insight in areas where people, performance and technology intersect.

Top Team facilitation

I help Boards and senior teams work better, together – navigating them through the process of team development.

HR Thought Leadership

I show your HR professionals how to recruit, manage and grow your talent in the connected economy.

Team and Leadership Speaker

I speak about leadership and teamwork at conferences, seminars and dinners sharing insight and inspiring audiences.

Start-up and business mentor

I mentor entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing companies, helping them focus on what will really make them flourish.

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I’ve worked in business, sport and adventure – as managing director, start-up entrepreneur, consultant, round the world yacht race skipper and Arctic expedition leader.

My particular talent is to draw from this experience, identify links and give my clients a totally new perspective that has a positive impact on their performance.

“Your work with the Exec Committee has had a profound effect – you have a real gift in the way you handled some very sensitive areas, and enabled us to really move forwards without people taking things personally. I will certainly recommend you to others who want help releasing the potential from their Top Team.”
Managing Director, Global pharma organisation
“Simon was a regular contributor, running a very good, thought provoking session on the views/expectations of those individuals just coming into the work environment – and how best to communicate/align with them. Simon’s segment of the program was always well received – very positive feedback.”
“You cleverly constructed a robust framework around apparently intangible things like the culture and lifestyle of a generation, revealing paradoxes and subtleties. The debate that ensued was one of the liveliest of the conference and people are still debating it a week later. Thanks for putting this issue on our radar so effectively.”
“Unlike so many other speakers with a “sports” background, Simon did not go over the top to try to draw ( sometimes tenuous) parallels with the world of business but gave enough info/ insight that allowed attendees to pick out their own lessons and insights. He is down to earth and approachable and brought a wealth of really amusing and thought- provoking insights. “

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