All organisations are being disrupted and transformed by rapid technological change. Simon is an expert in how to lead people through this change, offering insights into changing work opportunities and expectations, and the leadership behaviours needed to engage, attract and keep the talent needed to thrive and survive.

How Simon can help

Future of work consulting

Need to attract, engage and retain new talent? Need to adapt your culture to embrace diverse talent groups, particularly those not traditionally attracted to your industry? Simon has helped countless organisations initiate and maintain cultural change.

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Practical leadership masterclasses

Simon delivers masterclasses and workshops for leaders and managers. He enables people to get the very best from those they lead through the understanding of changing expectations, behaviours and ways of working.

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Inspiring speaker

Simon inspires and informs audiences about the future of work and leadership. Whether it’s a lunch & learn or an annual conference keynote, he shares insights and ideas that make people think and act differently.

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Leadership and team mentor

Simon mentors senior leaders and their teams, boosting performance, innovation and confidence. He enables senior teams to work better together so they deliver outstanding results.

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What people say

Latest blog posts

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A key aspect of the future of work is the increased expectation of far more flexibility; flexibility in when we work, flexibility in where we [...]

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In in the past, those at the top often had the best information, and hopefully the skills and experience to make smart decisions.  Seniority counted [...]

Why should anyone take notice of this ‘future of work’ stuff?

A common question I get asked by business leaders is why they should invest time, effort and money in understanding and adapting to the so [...]

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